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  • Hello. I'm Chris Scott.


    I am a transformational coach and mental health educator. I nurture the natural wellbeing and resilience in people so that their true potential is able to come to the fore.


    “You are the source of your own mental health, wellbeing and insight. Your capacity for all three is unlimited." Ami Chen Mills-Naim


    If you have had periods of suffering and struggle in your life you will know the importance and value of being in a healthy state of mind.


    This is not something I ever take for granted because I know that how we feel on the inside effects our whole experience of life.


    For a long time, like most people I tried to manage how I felt on the inside by striving for things on the outside. Things like success and achievement were what I was taught would lead to a happier and better life.


    Whilst there is certainly nothing wrong with either of these things, I know that with a better understanding of how our mind works we can find and live from a place of peace of mind and wellbeing, whilst pursuing our dreams and ambitions.


    "If you're searching for happiness, if you're searching for tranquility, if you're searching just to have a nice, peaceful, loving, understanding life... in actual fact you're searching for your inner self." Sydney Banks


    Happiness and freedom are an inside job. The realisation that who we are on the inside (our inner being) is everything we seek, including an unlimited capacity for wisdom, understand and love. How we are doing on the inside is what matters and when the health of our mind improves we are equipped and energised to deal with life, we are able to see and respond to opportunities and live from a place of guidance within ourself.


    Having that base and understanding within ourselves is what actually leads to better performance and decision making because we have the freedom of mind to think clearly, within our boundaries and values.


    By learning when to trust our thinking and when to leave it alone, we can learn to act from a place of peace and stability rather than insecurity and scarcity. This alone has a remarkable effect on our lives, as we become disinterested and disentangled in drama and other distractions we can spend our time more wisely and productively.


    When we start to feel better on the inside, we can take better care of ourselves so that when we do need to be there for others, we can give from a place of overflow rather than overwhelm, meaning that we can uplift others without depleting ourselves.


    We use our mind in every aspect and interaction in our lives, in our relationships at home and in public, there is no part of life that having an improved understanding of the human mind cannot benefit.


    I have been extremely fortunate to see a complete transformation in my mental health and the enjoyment of my life. The judgement I once had upon myself has fallen away, I can navigate life from a completely different level of awareness and understanding than I was previously able to.


    I now have the gift of being able to share what I have learnt with others and this is what I have decided to dedicate my time in doing.












    Please feel free to ask any questions you have regarding any of my services.

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